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At the Vancouver Convention Centre and B.C. Pavilion Corporation, we’re lucky to employ so many hard-working, dedicated British Columbians with backgrounds as diverse as their roles within the facility. Whether it’s a Guest Experience Ambassador at our doors welcoming delegates from around the world, our sales team working to attract new partners, or an engineer ensuring every facet of our buildings are operating as they’re supposed to, everyone contributes to the success of our venue while playing a very different part in the process.

With our new Team Meeting series, we want to highlight the people who help us shine and share their unique experience in bringing events to life at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Bruce Caister, Blackwater Treatment Plant Operator

We’ve all learned about the importance of conserving water in our homes. Clean water is a limited resource, after all. So whether it’s remembering to turn off the taps or taking shorter showers, anything you can do to reduce water usage and waste goes a long way. Now imagine applying that mindset to a convention centre with 466,500 ft2 of function space. That’s what Bruce Caister, Blackwater Treatment Plant Operator here at the Vancouver Convention Centre, has been focused on for nine years while managing our unique Blackwater Treatment Plant.

Rubina Lalani, Event Manager

Imagine that you’re tasked with planning your company’s next big event. It’s a conference for 4,000 attendees and this year it’s being hosted in a new city at a venue you’ve never been to. You can pull together the vision – what the event should look like, what you’ll need, and how it will all unfold – but making it come to life at the venue requires some help. That’s where our Event Managers come in.

Rod Maclean, Facilities Assistant

Rod has been with the Convention Centre for over 30 years. Not only does he oversee our facility’s access control program and temporary wayfinding, he also has an integral role in sharing our story as the host of our comprehensive tour program for hospitality students.