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Mother Goose Can Nest Safely This Mother's Day Thanks to the Team at the Vancouver Convention Centre

May 8th, 2022 / News

May 8, 2022 (Vancouver) – The Vancouver Convention Centre (Convention Centre) has blocked off an area next to the Digital Orca on its Pacific Terrace after a soon-to-be mother goose chose the scenic spot to nest.

Staff first noticed the goose on Friday and immediately took action to support the safety of the bird as well as visitors along its seawall.

The Convention Centre has named its new avian neighbour Heli in honour of local helicopter operator Helijet. The company initially planned to land a display aircraft close by for a charity event but worked with the Convention Centre to relocate it, prioritizing Heli’s peace.

If you walk by Heli, remember to maintain your distance and respect her space.