In our busy everyday lives, we often focus much of our energy on our loved ones and work commitments and forget to take time for ourselves. This Valentine’s Day, we want to remind you to take time to love yourself first. Start with your health and wellness to feel refreshed and be better positioned to inspire others.

Here are our favourite, yet simple, health and wellness tips to guide you and your attendees along the way.

1. Eat Well

Start your day fresh with a healthy breakfast to stop the urge for high-fat snacks. Also, incorporate into your events “brain-friendly” food that boosts mental clarity, mood, memory, and the ability to focus.

2. Hydrate

Oh, H2O! Water can often be overlooked. It’s always important to hydrate throughout the day so you can stay energized.

3. Energize

Aim for at least 30 minutes a day for exercise. Three 10-minute brisk walks a day can have positive health benefits. Encourage attendees to take walks and discover the destinations they are visiting. At the Vancouver Convention Centre, simply taking the stairs instead of the escalator will burn 15 calories.

4. Organize

Clean out the clutter – at home and in the office. And donate the excess to a local charity where possible. De-cluttering does wonders in reducing stress and feels great!

5. Unplug

Turn off your computer, TV and smartphone for a mental break. Avoid bright lights that can stimulate your mind and cause stress or anxiety.