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Case Study: Adapting our Event Logistics Coordination Platform, Voyage Control, to Help Navigate the Covid-19 Pandemic

November 10th, 2021

Every year, the Vancouver Convention Centre collaborates with hundreds of local and international clients to host events of all type and scale, from large trade shows and conferences to intimate banquets and weddings.

In order to make these processes efficient, both logistically and sustainably, it requires a firm understanding of everything that’s taking place at the facility on a daily basis – from move-in, to execution, and to move-out. That’s where Voyage Control comes in.

Voyage Control is a logistics scheduling and resource management platform that allows organizations to coordinate various operational movements, elements and processes. At the Convention Centre, we use the tool to make event processes more efficient through greater scheduling control that can be tailored for each one of our clients.

With the advent of COVID-19 resulting in a sudden pause to event activity, the Vancouver Convention Centre found itself in a unique and unprecedented new role. As part of its efforts to combat the pandemic, the province tasked our team with converting part of the facility's Exhibition Halls into an Alternate Care Site (ACS), which would provide additional hospital space for the region if needed. To coordinate the planning and execution of this operation safely, our team needed a way to manage who was coming to the facility, when, and where they would be so that they could operate safely while inside.

Given its effectiveness coordinating event logistics, including crews, equipment and materials, it was clear that Voyage Control could also serve the organization during this unprecedented undertaking.

Learn about how our team transitioned how we used Voyage Control in order to keep our facility, teams and partners safe while supporting our province’s COVID-19 response efforts.


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