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The meetings and conventions business is an economic giant for our city and province – silently generating more than $300 million in economic benefits each year from events hosted at the Vancouver Convention Centre alone. Thousands of attendees visit our city, filling hotel rooms and spending on local hospitality services. But it would be wrong to assume that the benefits end there, or that the full impact can only be measured in dollars and cents.

Conferences and events bring new expertise and ideas to our doorstep, providing an important platform for the exchange of knowledge and information across industry sectors. Our events have brought to our city – often for the first time – industry leaders from around the world in medicine, education, arts, intellectual science and much more. Our events position Vancouver as a leading global destination, allowing for important engagement and relationship-building that contribute to the growth and vibrancy of the city and province.


Spending: Visiting delegates boost spending in transportation, accommodation, retail, restaurants, entertainment and attractions.

The average non-resident delegate spends over $1,400 as a result of attending an event at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Many attendees extend their stay with pre-and-post-conference travel, injecting more spending into the province.

Length of Stay: Delegates spend an average of 4.2 nights in BC as a result of attending an event at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Number of Visitors: The Convention Centre welcomes upwards of 1,000,000 people from across the province and around the globe each year.

New Visitors: Our events attract visitors that would not otherwise travel to our city.

Repeat Visitors: Recent surveys reveal that more than 65% of non-resident delegates and over 75% of exhibitors have plans to return to BC within the next two years.

Local Business Boost: Events require a wide range of services and supplies, providing business for local companies and jobs for our community.

Events: Upwards of 550 events are hosted at the Vancouver Convention Centre each year, including conventions, trade and consumer shows, meetings and special events that bring attendees from around the world.

“[Conventions] bring our target market in; exactly who we want coming through our doors. It affects us every day when we have a busy convention. It’s immediate impact.”

Ben Hunter
Regional Director
Miku Restaurant

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