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In Vancouver, tech and gaming run through our veins. Rife with large studios, independent developers and a diverse community of enthusiasts, our city is the perfect location for national and international esports events of any size.

With the support of The Gaming StadiumVancouver Animation SchoolUBC Esports Association (UBCEA) and SFU Esports Association, the Vancouver Convention Centre is excited to attract and host new esport events to continue elevating Vancouver's already thriving gaming community. And at our facilities we’re fully prepared to provide you with a space that can accommodate every aspect of your event to help make it a success.

Vancouver is ranked globally as a Top 10 Video Game Development Hub and is the Number One VFX & Animation Cluster in the world. The city has hosted several well-established major tournaments, including The International (TI): DOTA 2 Championships in 2018. And with over 200 video game development studios including EA, Microsoft and Relic, Vancouver is dedicated to cultivating its gaming community and fostering talent that can compete on the world stage. Vancouver’s two largest universities both have world class, highly competitive esports programs and we are also home to a professional Overwatch team, the Vancouver Titans.


The Vancouver Convention Centre is located centrally downtown and is steps away from the main transportation hub for the region, connecting directly to the airport and surrounding metro Vancouver suburbs (population 2.3 million). There, in the downtown core, competitors and attendees will have immediate access to endless food, entertainment and accommodation options.

No stranger to hosting events with specific or complex space, staging and logistical requirements, the Convention Centre is ready for your next event with:

  • 24/7 facility access

  • A fully supported venue that can handle any rigging or electrical needs

  • 5,000 ft² to 220,000 ft² of space to host large and smaller events

  • The ability to accommodate your own or preferred audio/video and production team


We also understand that having access to reliable and high-performing technology is critical to the success of your event.

As the host of the International Broadcast Centre for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, the Vancouver Convention Centre can confidently handle any broadcast or internet needs. Bell, the largest Tier 1 internet and telecom company in Canada, is our exclusive provider and can provide us with extensive fibre infrastructure capability to any room.

Highlights include:

  • 600 APs throughout the facility designed for 15,000 devices.

  • Redundant cores with full UPS protection and 10 Gbps Redundant Internet, 2 Gbps internet link also available with NDDOS scrubbing with 1 Gbps additional link backup

  • 43 Switch Closets in the facility with CAT6 Cabling to over 10,000 RJ45 jacks throughout the facility.


In addition to the Vancouver Convention Centre, our sister facility BC Place offers a 242,000 sq. ft. stadium event space with seating capacity for over 50,000 attendees. Whether you use one of our award-winning facilities or augment your esport event with both, we are ready to bring your event to life.

With BC Place you will have access to:

  • 242,000 sq. ft. event space (Floor 162,000 ft² & foyer 80,000 ft²)

  • Seating capacity 22,000 for lower bowl configuration or 54,500 upper and lower bowl

  • A central downtown location, surrounded by hotels, restaurants and entertainment

  • BC Place is also located along the Skytrain line, connecting the stadium to the airport and surrounding metro Vancouver suburbs

  • North America’s second largest centre-hung video board (70’ w x 40’ h)

  • 1,250+ digital programmable screens that can broadcast the event throughout the stadium so fans never miss a second of the action

  • A 360° LED ribbon board

  • BC Place is also equipped with a cutting edge in-seat ordering platform that allows fans to get food & beverages delivered directly to their seat without needing an app or registering an account


Technical highlights include:

  • Full building Cellular LTE+ and WiFi coverage, giving fans extremely fast access to internet and social platforms

  • Full access to roof-based rigging for extravagant Audio/Visual setup options

  • With access to a full-building Gigabit managed network, servers, gaming stations and workstations can connect from anywhere in the stadium with low latency

  • Redundant cores with full UPS protection and 10GB uplinks lets clients broadcast their event to the world without a worry


“We saw over 3,500 attendees at our event [LTX 2019 ft. DreamHack] from not only Vancouver but all over the world. Our event spanned most of [the East building], featuring a large expo area, stage, meet & greet, 100-PC gaming Free Play area, and near 600-seat BYOC space. The internet remained stable throughout, even as thousands of attendees flooded the event floors and DreamHack areas. Our team would highly recommend this venue to anyone looking to host a gaming and technology event.”

– Colton Potter, Co-Founder
LTX Expo


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