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The Art of Leadership for Women June 25 (East Building)

How are tomorrow’s leaders shaped today? How do they find their voices?

Organizations looking for a sustainable competitive edge need to encourage, nurture and support valued employees so they can explore and capitalize on leadership opportunities. Shaking up conventional thinking and looking outside of the ordinary for the answers helps to create tomorrow’s influences.

The Art of Leadership for Women brings together a unique collection of extraordinary, influential women whose talent, drive and passion have established them as dynamic leaders and change agents. From world leaders, business icons, bestselling authors, academics and more, these powerful role models share their personal stories while shining a humanistic lens on many of the narratives and issues confronting women in business today.

Discover the tools and techniques that can empower women to blaze their own trails in extraordinary ways. Grow from the lively discussion and collaboration around a shared vision, while connecting with like-minded women who know where you’re coming from and understand where you want to go.


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