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Safety Pharmacology Society (SPS) 16th Annual Meeting September 18 – September 21 (East Building)

Highlights of the Annual Meeting

  • A dynamic forum for best practice sharing within industry, CRO’s, academics and regulators
  • Joint Sessions organized by representatives from SPS, CSPT, and JSPS
  • Sessions on some of the hottest topics in safety pharmacology related research
  • 6 CE Courses taught by experts in the field
  • Plenary Keynote Speakers by a key opinion leaders
  • Exhibit hall offering access to industry vendors
  • Poster sessions featuring cutting-edge research
  • Networking opportunities with a global community of scientists from regulatory, industry, and academia
  • Award opportunities to bring together Student and Jr. Investigators with seasoned scientists, while sharing their research
  • Exhibitor Sponsored Sessions by leading technology and service providers showcasing their new offerings and research

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