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KNOW SHOW January 18 – January 20 (West Building)

Canada’s massive size and spread out population present a huge challenge for brands. With International production lead times consistently creeping forward and sales windows shortening, it is not realistic or cost effective for brands to travel to preview products with their shops. As many Canadian retailers are seldom visited by brand representatives, they must travel to properly purchase the products that stock their stores.

The KNOWSHOW provides a perfect platform for industry leading brands and Canadian retailers to connect and do this business. Brands are able to tell their story in a relaxed but business based atmosphere, while retailers have the opportunity to see the best brands in one venue. The show has proven to be a success as it is a worthwhile investment for the exhibitors purchasing booth space and a valuable resource for retailers looking for the best selection of preeminent and upcoming brands.

Who Attends the Show?

The two yearly shows attract trend and thought leaders from around the country that will determine what end consumers will find in coming seasons.

The shows attendees are Canada's tastemakers and have fingers on the pulse of what is happening locally, nationwide and internationally.

Alongside the decision makers on the show floor, the show creates a real time forum for brands to market their next moves to countless fans and followers via multiple social networks.


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