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Esthétique Spa International February 25 – February 26 (East Building)

Over the last two decades, ESI's Vancouver conference has grown into a world-class event all beauty and spa professionals now look forward to attending, year in and year out, for the amazing amount of knowledge it brings, and for the opportunity to learn and improve their skills.

From coast to coast, the ESI conference has become the most anticipated annual event in our industry. We've been keeping tabs on what really interests our attendees, to make sure we consistently offer a more spectacular, more satisfying event every year.

This 20th edition of the Vancouver conference is meant to help you imagine your future with the guidance of our guest speakers, trainers and exhibitors. Our exhibit floor will be filled with the most recent products, the most advanced technologies, the trendiest accessories. Our guest speakers and company trainers are eager to share their great expertise and experience, thereby participating in the future success of your business or career.

So get ready for two exciting days at the Vancouver conference, where you'll have a chance to reconnect with old acquaintances and meet new ones. Come spend some time with us to regroup, recharge, and get started on your future!