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Consumer Virtual Reality May 5 – May 7 (West Building)

Consumer Virtual Reality (CVR) is the premier event to experience groundbreaking new virtual and augmented reality technology. Held on the Canadian west coast in beautiful Vancouver, the event brings together consumers, developers, businesses, and tech enthusiasts for a weekend of fun that shapes the future of VR and AR. CVR is produced by Archiact -- the VR studio.

2016 marked CVR's inaugural year. It was a resounding success and attracted 2,800 attendees, 30 speakers, and over 60 exhibitors. Brought together by a shared interest in VR, many experienced virtual reality for the first time and heard from thought leaders on what's in store for the future of the industry.

CVR 2017 is expanding to three days to accommodate the ever-growing interest in VR, and now includes AR. Friday, May 5th will be an INDUSTRY ONLY day, complete with a specialized speaker series, exclusive demos, access to the exhibits, B2B meetings, and special industry events. We will explore all applications of VR and AR including gaming, education, medical, design, and more. On May 6th and 7th, EXPO DAYS will open up to the public and feature world-renowned demos, exhibits, entertainment, and more!

Events & Programming

Industry Day – Friday, May 5

A day JUST for those in the VR, AR, and Mixed Realities realm. Speaker and panel presentations will focus on VR/AR in business and entertainment, as well as best practices in the development space. There will be the opportunity to book B2B meetings with vendors, businesses, and investors from around the globe. Best of all, the exhibit floor will be open exclusively for this group to have the first run at exciting demos, new technology, game releases, industry developments and more.

Oh, and did we mention, the After Party? :)

Expo Days – Saturday & Sunday May 6, 7

On CVR Expo Days, we welcome everyone and anyone interested in VR/AR! Test out the world's best VR/AR experiences, and see for yourself what all the hype is about. What's in store for this year? More VR/AR demos, 3x the space, even more exclusive content, and a day of fun for the whole family!


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