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Our Team


Michelle Leroux, Director, Sales
Phone: +1-604-647-7222

Lynn Menzies, Assistant Director, Convention Sales
Phone: +1-604-647-7345

Anita Sodhi-Cavezza, Assistant Director, Event Sales
Phone: +1-604-647-7343

Amy Koch, Sales Manager, Canadian & US: Corporate
Phone: +1-604-647-7347

Diana Reid, Sales Manager, Eastern US: Associations
Phone: +1-604-647-7346

Jeff Hill, Sales Manager, Trade & Consumer Shows
Phone: +1-604-647-7341

Jillian Smith, International Sales Manager
Phone: +1-604-647-7355

Stephanie Johnson, International Sales Manager
Phone: +1-604-647-7220

Katie Moore, Sales Manager, Canada: Associations
Phone: +1-604-647-7352

Executive Events

Quinci Camazzola, Executive Events Manager
Phone: +1-604-647-7226

Carolina Lopez, Executive Events Manager
Phone: +1-604-647-7340

Li Wong, Executive Events Manager
Phone: +1-604-647-7303

Gillian McDonald, Executive Events Manager
Phone: +1-604-647-7435


Jeff Barnes, Manager, Client Services
Phone: +1-604-647-7305

Larry Scribner, Event Manager
Phone: +1-604-647-7307

Renee Giesse, Event Manager
Phone: +1-604-647-7358

Sabine Granoux, Event Manager
Phone +1-604-647-7306

Rubina Lalani, Event Manager
Phone: +1-604-647-7302

Christine Lee, Event Manager
Phone: +1-604-647-7308

Lorraine Sam, Event Manager
Phone: +1-604-647-7301

Ayano Sano, Event Manager
Phone: +1-604-647-7317

Patria Kishida, Event Coordinator
Phone: +1-604-647-7380

Zak Chesla, Event Coordinator
Phone: +1-604-647-7436


Jennifer Rafuse, Director, Food & Beverage and Catering Sales
Phone: +1-604-647-7245

Jenna Nicholson, Assistant Director, Catering
Phone: +1-604-647-7411

Stephanie Couture, Assistant Director, Catering
Phone: +1-604-647-7238

Erin Williams, Catering Manager
Phone: +1-604-647-7244

Sean Schneider, Catering Manager
Phone: +1-604-647-7241

Peter Wallace, Catering Manager
Phone: +1-604-647-7223

Susan Hutcheon, Catering Manager
Phone: +1-604-647-7243

Nikolina Ruzic, Catering Manager
Phone: +1-604-647-7225

Craig Levido, Catering Manager
Phone: +1-604-647-7400

Kathryn Dougherty, Catering Coordinator
Phone: +1-604-647-7428

Lincoln Hernandez, Catering Coordinator
Phone: +1-604-647-7401

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